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Terms and conditions

Hot Desk, Pay As You Go and Monthly Tariffs - Terms & Conditions Agreement (November 2021)

Please read the Castle Hill Work Hub Terms & Conditions below.

Access and timings

  • All members must be over the age of 18 years. Visitors under the age of 18 must be with a member of the work hub that is required to be over the age of 18 and be booked into the hub space at all times.
  • Once you book a desk or meeting room tariff you have access to that service between the hours of 9:00am -17:00 on the day of your booking. You also have use of the collaboration and kitchen areas of the hub.
  • Castle Hill hub is open between 9:00 and 17:00, Monday to Friday. (With the exception of Bank holidays). There is no access outside of these times. Please note that the Hub will also be closed between Christmas and New year. Please check with staff and Coherent when the Hub will be reopening in the New Year.
  • The Hub does not allow access until 8:45am on the morning of your booking. Please ensure you leave the building no later than 17:15. Doing so will set off the buildings alarms and could incur a call out charge.
  • There is a lift available for wheelchair users or anyone that wishes to use it.
  • Due to being a hot desking system you do not have a dedicated desk.
  • When accessing the building, do not allow anyone to access with you that you do not recognise. Everyone entering the building must be booked in. All meeting room users are welcome to use the communal space and kitchenette but please do not use the hot desks, these are bookable if required.
  • Please sign in (and out) on the VISITOR sign-in sheet (by the kitchen) when arriving & departing at The Castle Hill Work Hub.
  • You are entitled to one desk space only. If you have a visitor that requires a desk, please book another desk online in advance.
  • All visitors must sign in/out to the Hub in the signing in book (located by the kitchen). This is the same if you have a meeting room booking.
  • You do not have free access to our meeting rooms. If you need a meeting room, please check availability and pricing in the booking link.
  • You cannot have post delivered to Castle Hill Work Hub unless you have paid for this service - please speak to a member of staff if this is something you require.
  • Being on a monthly tariff does not guarantee you a desk in the main space. You must book a desk to be sure of available space via Coherent. You are welcome to use the Collaboration area if all the hot desks are full and access is required, or if you just prefer the soft seats!
  • On signing up to a monthly tariff you are committed to pay until the end of the first full calendar month (e.g. signing up on 18th of March would commit you to 30th April). You must then give notice in writing (email: to terminate this membership one full calendar month in advance (termination on 12th September would make 31st October your last day).

Wifi and printing services

  • You have free use of the Hub Wi-Fi, look for the code on the wall! It will change on occasions.
  • Please be aware of your internet usage. Please avoid streaming services or downloading large files where possible. This will affect other users.
  • You can access our printing services. If you need to print something, please email for more information: charges for printing start at 10p per sheet (donation pot). This contributes to paper, ink and even the tea &coffee!
  • Castle Hill Work Hub does not provide extra equipment (screens, mouse/pad, keyboard).
  • You cannot store any extra equipment on site (e.g. screens, keyboards, chairs etc) without prior agreement.

In the event of a fire or other emergency

  • Fire alarm TESTING is on a Monday and will take place at some point between 8.30am - 9.30am. You do not need to leave the work hub or building
  • In the event of a real fire, DO NOT USE THE LIFTS and please follow these exit procedures. You will be advised of where the meeting points are away from the building during your Hub Induction and will be listed on the walls by the kitchen area.

Kitchen area

  • Tea, coffee, sugar & milk are provided. If you use any specialist products for this, you must supply your own and label these with your name and any best-before dates.
  • You can use the microwave provided. Please ensure you give it a clean after use and respect that the space is small and as such, please be considerate of the hub community.
  • You may use the fridge for food storage, but please label all items that are yours
  • If you use any mugs or cutlery, please take them to kitchen and wash them up! If you find items on the draining board, please give us 2 mins of your time and put them back in the right location for the next users. Thank you.

Respecting 'The Hub' and other users

  • Please be respectful of those around you regards office humour/ telephone conversations and general behaviour to keep noise to a respectable level. It is a small space with lots of users.
  • Covid-19 measures. The work hub will follow government guidance as appropriate. Therefore, the wearing of masks is not compulsory, however, please be respectful of other users, especially in communal areas of the building where other members of the public could be. We kindly ask you to wipe your desk down with provided wipes when you have finished using your space. Hand gel will be available for all to use.
  • Covid measure continued -There will be a copy of our Covid risk assessment in the work hub. Please familiarise yourself with our current guidance. By ticking the terms and conditions box, you are informing the Work Hub staff and other users that you will follow the guidance set in place at this time.
  • Please leave the toilets in a condition you would wish to find them. Please report any issues to a member of staff or leave a note in the comments box/blackboard
  • Castle Hill Work Hub members and users are not permitted to bring dogs or any other animals into 'The Hub' (Unfortunately the building has a NO DOG policy). The Castle Hill Work Hub is fully GDPR compliant. Please email for a copy of our GDPR Policy.
  • The Castle Hill Work Hub is a non-smoking site: please do not smoke anywhere in the grounds of Castle Hill. The designated smoking area would be in the Public Car Park. Please dispose of all cigarette butts appropriately (not in any building bin or littered on the floor).
  • Please follow the Castle Hill Hub via our NEWSLETTER; FACEBOOK; INSTAGRAM; and WEBSITE. We want to grow the Hub and the Community of users to promote collaboration, sharing and growth.
  • Please email  for any questions, queries, comments or feedback.

Confidential Information Policy

  • Due to the nature of the shared space within the Work Hub it is necessary to have a policy in place to keep certain types of information confidential for important business reasons, including to comply with legal requirements (such as data protection and competition law), and to maintain a competitive edge over competitors.
  • Because of the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of certain information, and because effective procedures for maintaining confidentiality require everyone's involvement and cooperation, we have implemented this confidential information policy.
  • This policy covers all users of the Work Hub.
  • "Confidential Information" as referred to in this policy, means any information that is not in the public domain and is intended to be protected from disclosure (whether it is proprietary in nature or whether by contract, legal protections such as trade secret laws, or other means). Information may be confidential irrespective of whether it is specifically labelled "confidential", "proprietary" or otherwise, or whether it is oral, written, drawn or stored electronically. Alternatively, labelling information "confidential" or "proprietary" or other classification does not automatically make the information Confidential Information.
  • Each user of the Work Hub has the responsibility to ensure they protect their own information and adhere to the individual confidential information policies of their respective companies/employers, whilst also adhering to this policy.
  • All due care and attention should be made to protect your work and to avoid overlooking the work of others.
  • All devices should be locked and all loose paperwork should be secured when left unattended.
  • All users must comply with the regulations set out in the Data Protection Act in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679).
  • Any information or material in the hub should be treated as confidential and should not be disclosed, published, communicated, or made available in any manner.
  • Breach of this policy may result in corrective action being taken, up to and including permanent barring from the use of this facility.
  • All employees, officers, consultants, contractors, volunteers, interns, casual workers and agency workers of Torridge District Council are subject to the council's own policies, subject to the Data Protection Act and General Data Protection Regulation.
  • If you believe that a breach of this policy has occurred, please inform one of the staff, or email

Thank you!

(From all the Work Hub Team at Torridge District Council)

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